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Benzina Zero, Australia's new EV company is launched!

Benzina Zero is a new electric moped producer here in Australia, nationally launching the brand last week on 15 September.

The Brisbane-based company’s distinctive Duo model has received an overwhelming response in Italy, where premium mopeds are highly popular.


Joe D’Ercole, the company co-founder, travelled around in Italy on a Duo several weeks ago.

“He had people literally yelling from balconies for him to stop so they could come down and look at it,” the company’s other founder, Ben Silver, said.

“Its simple U shape frame is unique and people in Italy wanted to know what it was, where they could get it and how much it costs.”

A second shipment of Benzina Zero bikes is on the water to Italy, one of the company’s five initial target markets.

Distributors have been confirmed in Singapore, the Philippines Hong Kong and the UK, with Benzina Zero handling Australian distribution with nine retailers already confirmed.

The popularity of EV vehicles is rapidly growing in Australia, especially after the release of The ACT Zero Emissions Vehicles Strategy 2022-2030.

Benzina Zero is currently offering 3 models:

  • DUO and DUO+ (dual 35-amp-hour batteries)
  • CITY (single 35-amp-hour battery)
  • SPORT (dual 35-amp-hour batteries)

The Duo and City both have top speeds of 45kmh and are classified as mopeds under Australian regulations, while the Duo+ (top speed 65kmh) and Sport (75kmh) are defined as motorcycles.

The Sport and City have more conventional moped designs, with body panels and their batteries positioned under the seat.

“The Duo’s design is so unique and so simple, the batteries sit on the floor. It’s such a bare-framed bike, without conventional body panels, you can’t put the batteries anywhere else,” Ben said.

“But the benefit of that design is two-fold. By having a very simple, clean design we got front and rear loading, which does not happen on the other bikes.

“The second thing is, by putting that battery weight as low as possible, you have a much better handling bike. Low centre of gravity is always a good thing for safety and rideability.”

A new prototype?


The Benzina Zero mopeds are manufactured in China with quality components including Bosch motors, and LG and Samsung batteries.

The Duos enter the market with an RRP of $4,650 plus on-road costs for the standard model, and $5,250 plus on-road costs for the Duo+.

Benzina Zero will exhibit at The Micromobility Conference & Expo, 25 – 26 November 2022 at the Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney.