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Bayliss To Ride With 32 on the DesmoSport Ducati | Sport | WSBK

With the 2019 Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) underway at the end of February, alongside round one of the World Superbike Championship (WSBK), Troy Bayliss will ride with the number he started his racing career with, 32, aboard his DesmoSport Ducati.

After an incredible career on the world stage using the now iconic 21, Troy now finds himself unable to use it in the 2019 ASBK season as a fellow competitor currently has the right to use the number. The three-time World Champion will instead return to the race number that launched his international racing career, 32.

Troy Bayliss

While 21 will remain synonymous with the name Troy Bayliss, with merchandise, branding and the famous TB21 signature, it’s not the first time Bayliss has ridden with a number other than 21. Taking the number 32 from racing in Australia to the British Superbike Championship (BSB), before switching to 21 with the support of Davide Tardozzi when he arrived in the WSBK paddock, Bayliss also went on to use the number 12 through his days in MotoGP and of course the number 1 plate as the World Champion.

Troy Bayliss: “32 is the number I started racing with and it feels fitting to go back to it while I’m back in the Australian championship. I’ve had a lot of success as 21, and it’s a shame I won’t be running it in 2019, but it was with 32 on my bikes in Australia that I was originally noticed on the world stage, so I’m pretty excited to see it on the front of the DesmoSport Ducati in 2019. I feel like I’m going full circle a bit.”

With the first round of the 2019 championship now only weeks away, the entire DesmoSport Ducati team is working hard to hit the ground running after a strong finish to the 2018 season, taking race wins and third overall in the Championship.
Next Race: ASBK Round 1 – Phillip Island, February 21-24.