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How to do stuff

Earlier we identified that the petrol tank was in particularly bad shape so called in some expert help and took it to Chris at Pro Tune Motorcycles. We all enjoy tinkering away in the shed and doing stuff ourselves but it is also important to recognise when you are beyond your level of knowledge or expertise. Sometimes it is best to spend a little money on the important jobs to avoid costly mistakes or creating further or irreparable problems.

Start here

  1. We had already cleaned off the worst of the loose corrosion before dropping the petrol tank into the workshop 
  2. The fuel pump and filter reside inside the petrol tank on this bike and Chris feels that they are likely to be either shagged, or close enough to it to warrant replacing. It’ll save him time (and you the cost). 
  3. The new fuel pump and filter have been fitted as well as the internal hoses. Pro Tune has sourced decent Japanese-built components that are reliable but not too expensive 
  4. The petrol tank has been flushed with fuel to remove any loose particles and inspected for any signs of a gel substance that would indicate an old petrol build up that could contaminate the fuel delivery system. None was found and the inside looks fairly clean now with the membrane intact 
  5. Chris is happy that the tank is fine for use now and puts it all back together ready to be fitted back onto the bike 
  6. Another important part of getting clean fuel into the heads is the fuel injectors so we are removing them for a quick clean 
  7. Here again the main concern is the potential build up of old petrol that can form a gel-like substance and block the injectors, so we are making sure to clean the inlet and outlet ports thoroughly 
  8.  A spray with compressed air completes the job 
  9. All the internal surfaces and the holes to feed the fuel look clean now 
  10. We have purchased new rubber O’rings for the injectors as rubber does not deal well with long periods of poor storage and, while the old ones look okay, we don’t trust them. And O’rings are cheap. Here we are adding a smear of clean engine oil to the O’rings to finish up the job 
  11. When removing or refitting injectors it is best to pull or push them in gently in a straight direction. Don’t twist them or push at an awkward angle to the throttle body 


If there’s parts which can potentially be refitted in the wrong position, mark them before removal or snap a quick pic with your phone, or both

Words & photography Tim Munro