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Reader Rides Competition | Columns | Gassit Garage

This issue’s six finalists have won themselves an Oxford Cable Lock and Fred’s fave picks up an IPONE Care Kit, all thanks to the team at Ficeda Accessories!

It doesn’t matter if it was a free-to- a-good-home paddock basher you pulled from the neighbour’s shed, or a shiny new showroom model you saved your hard-earned cash for, no one forgets their first. Show us your first two-wheeled love!

  1. Here’s the first pic of my first bike. All the way back in the February of 1974 . It was a Honda CB360, with my girlfriend back then who has now become my wife (many bikes later). Steve Leslie

2. I was a late starter at 43 years old. Straight onto a Suzuki Katana 1100. That same year rode to first Phillip Island in 1989, from NT. Very steep learning curve but expert teaching by good mates saw me right. Still riding at 71, enjoying my Honda CB 500X. Edward O’Hehir

3. This was my second Honda 4 back in 1974 , it had a custom Exhaust , removable duck tail and seat ,handlebars , Finned engine covers etc , As you could not buy that stuff back then I made it all myself. Brian Stott

4. My first ride, A 1970 Suzuki 350 Rebel, purchased from Bill Morris store Wollongong for $599.00. I thought I was king of the road. Pasquale Lucchitti

5. I have attached a picture of my first bike, a Honda CB160 twin, taken in 1969, when we were living in Nairobi in Kenya. I regularly rode the 500km to Mombasa through Tsavo National Park usually having to stop for herds of elephants to cross the road, and other animals. Bruce Paddock

6. This was my first ride in 1963, it was a BSA 250cc C15.  I put ACE bars on it to look cool. Bike was totalled after riding into some car idiot who turned in front of me. I just got shock and bruises after apparently flying through the air over the car and landing on my backside. Dave Harris

How do you enter?

To go into the running, send a photo of the first bike you ever owned or rode. If you don’t have a pic of the first, we’ll accept one of the first. Email your entry to and make sure you include your full name and mailing address so we can send you your loot!