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ASBK round 2 at Wakefield Park Raceway on 27-29 March 2020 will continue without spectators

In response to the ongoing developments and global health concerns in relation to COVID-19 (commonly known as Coronavirus) including governmental imposed restrictions recently on travel and mass gatherings, Motorcycling Australia (MA) and ASBK advises its partners, riders, officials and fans that Round 2 at Wakefield Park Raceway, 27-29 March 2020 will move forward but without spectators. The event will be restricted to riders, crew and officials only to ensure the event is below the Australian Government guidelines for the numbers permitted for mass gatherings.

No spectators will be permitted to attend the event and all riders will be restricted to specific numbers of crew members allowed to enter the event. Those who have pre-purchased tickets will be contacted regarding refunds.

Spectator focused activities such as Come n Try, Trade Alley, Food Trucks, Pit Lane Walks, pre-event activations, and pillion rides will not take place.

Limited camping for competitors and officials will be available but is restricted to those with access to the event.

Competitors will be limited to the number of support personnel that are able to attend.

  • Superbike – Competitor + 3 crew
  • Supersport – Competitor + 3 crew
  • Supersport 300* – Competitor + 2 crew
  • Oceania Junior Cup* – Competitor + 2 crew
  • F1/F2 Sidecars – rider + passenger + 2 crew
  • Valid entrant licence holders who have entered the event as an entrant – 1 entry for themselves

*Competitors cross-entered into multiple classes are subject to a total of 2 crew, regardless of the cross-entry.
Selected Media will be able to attend by invite only and ASBK Contractors will be contacted shortly and advised of the number of passes available to them.

Competitors are advised that the additional tickets provided with your ASBK entry will be available for use at a later round in the ASBK Season.

Officials will be given entry for themselves only. Camping and bunkhouse will still be available. The tickets that Officials would normally receive will be available later in the ASBK Season.

All those attending the event (competitor, crew, official, staff, etc) are subject to current self-quarantine regulations; therefore if you have recently returned to Australia from overseas on or after 12 March 2020 then please do not attend the event. Refer to current legislation here –

Furthermore, those who are not feeling well and have potential signs of coronavirus please do not attend. Competitors can withdraw as per ASBK Sporting Regulations 1.14.4.

MA and ASBK are moving to implement the guidelines, requirements and regulations as defined by the various National and State Governments. Some MA permitted events may be able to continue without spectators or where they involve fewer than the recommended number for mass gatherings.

MA and ASBK acknowledge our responsibility to promote the welfare of everyone involved in MA permitted events including riders, teams, industry and fans.

The ASADA Training scheduled for Friday evening is still planned to take place but will now be restricted to Superbike, Supersport and Supersport 300 competitors only.

Information and updates on the remainder of the 2020 ASBK Championship will be released as it becomes available.