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Liam Waters has had his results wiped after breaching MA’s technical regulations.

R3 Cup and Supersport 300 rider Liam Waters has had his results wiped after it was found his bike has a modified inlet cam sprocket, which is in breach of MA’s technical regulations.

Liam Waters, who had enjoyed his most successful round to date with wins and podiums in both classes, was devastated by the decision, saying he – like many other juniors – was unaware of his bike’s condition.

Liam Waters

In a statement published online by Liams father Damian, its claimed the bike was purchased with the engine already sealed.

This is an expensive sport and we are not in the financial position to build and develop a bike. The most cost-effective solution for us to give Liam a competitive chance was to buy a competitive bike from the previous season. We had assurances from the sellers that the bike was within the rules and had been built to pass any inspection.” He goes on to admit it may have been naïve of them, but they took the sellers at their word and have these assurances in writing.

The situation highlights a pitfall for any racing parent, with the family saying Liams racing future is now in doubt but thanked everyone for their support. MA will publish the amended results in due course.