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Aprilia Unveils The RSV4 X | NEWS

Ten years ago Aprilia launched a decade of V4 decadence with its RSV4 Superbike. To celebrate the birthday, just 10 track-only versions, called the RSV4 X, go on sale for $63K. Based on the latest RSV4 1100 Factory, the X is lighter (165kg, dry), more powerful (165.5kW) and features a MotoGP-style gearbox that doesn’t have a neutral between first and second.

The RSV4 X is powered by a 1077cc, 16-valve, V4 motor (also powers the RSV4 1100 Factory), but has been reworked to produce 221.8bhp, which is 8bhp more than the current setup. The biggest change on the Aprilia RSV4 X, however, is the new Aprilia No Neutral gearbox. The ANN gearbox features on Aprilia MotoGP motorcycles. This gearbox has neutral located below the first gear. Aprilia says this helps with faster up-shift from first to second and prevents errors. This is the first time a gearbox set up like this is offered on a production motorcycle.