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Another Chinese brand steps into the mid-capacity arena with YGMotor moving from minibikes to mainstream.

It’s increasingly hard to keep up with the ever-growing array of Chinese motorcycle companies that are springing up – seemingly from nowhere – with mid to large-capacity bikes. Now another Chinese brand can be added to the list as Chongqing Yingang, which sells bikes under the YGMotor name, is preparing a new 500cc twin.

YGMotor isn’t exactly a household name outside China, but the company has actually been around since 1990, initially making engine parts and later moving into making complete bikes, albeit small-capacity ones. At the moment, the brand’s line-up comprises 50cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, 200cc and 300cc singles, as well as some small electric bikes, across a range of styles from retro to scooter to off-road. Outside its homeland the company has perhaps been noticed mainly for its range of ‘Monster’ minibikes, which ape the styling of the Ducatis of the same name but in a shrunken package to compete with the likes of Honda’s Grom. Those machines have even been offered outside China, most notably reaching the US market as the SSR Motorsports Razkull 125.

The Yingang Legend 500

The company’s most recent official unveilings show its intentions to move into a more serious, larger-capacity league. It’s recently added a 500cc single-cylinder sidecar model to its range and last year showed a prototype four-cylinder, 400cc sports bike, the 400RR, as well as a 500cc single-cylinder retro model, the Legend 500.

The Yingang 400RR prototype

Now designs images have emerged showing another mid-capacity model, but with a parallel twin engine that appears to be one of the many Chinese clones of Honda’s 471cc CB500 motor.

The bike itself is a modern interpretation of the traditional cruiser, with a tubular steel chassis that looks much like that of the Honda Rebel 500. Like the Honda, it has a twin-shock rear end, but the Japanese bike’s right-way-up forks are switched for upside-downers and there’s a more aggressive, upswept exhaust system. The wheels are 16-inch at both ends, like the Honda, wrapped in fat tyres.

The new Yingang 500cc twin; note small LED headlight beneath built-in camera

When it comes to styling, the Yingang is quite different, with a tiny LED headlight sitting below a built-in front camera, followed by a fuel tank that blends into the seat and tail.

  • Ben Purvis