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For MY21, both the RM-Z250 and RM-Z450 feature WiFi tuning capability via the Suzuki MX-Tuner 2.0.

Standard with every new MY21 RM-Z purchased, the plug and play tuner allows customers to alter the engine mapping via the intuitive smartphone WiGET app, available on iOS and Android devices.

The WiGET app comes with several pre-installed factory-developed maps for easy tuning for different riding styles and track conditions.

In just a few minutes the power delivery can be altered for softer delivery settings for hard packed surfaces or dial-in maximum power for deep, loamy conditions and amazing drive out of the corners.

For the more experienced tuner, the possibilities are practically endless with the ability to create fully customised maps with specific settings for 36 points of ignition timing and 36 points of fuel injection delivery.

SUZUKI MX Tuner 2.0 Key Features:

  • Four pre-programmed performance maps are available including Aggressive, Smooth, Richer, and Leaner for different riding conditions.
  • Build custom fuel or ignition maps easily on the app by adjusting individual cells or the entire grid. Approve the map and it immediately uploads to the coupler currently plugged into the RM-Z.
  • Easily upload pre-programmed or custom performance maps into different Suzuki couplers (supplied with RM-Zs) for quick mapping changes at the track.
  • Keeping maintenance records is a breeze. Select the service tab to see the hour meter reading, or add a maintenance log to record when a particular component has been serviced, such as completing an oil change.
  • Use the monitor section of the app to view the RM-Z engine functions in real time including RPM, throttle and gear position, which tuning coupler is installed, system voltage and more.
  • Riders can share their best performance settings with fellow RM-Z riders directly through the MX-Tuner 2.0 app.

Suzuki RM-Zs also feature Suzuki’s Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) provides riders a choice of three settings which can be quickly selected via a handlebar-mounted switch. The “A” mode is programmed for hard surfaces, such as a concrete starting pad, clay or hard-packed dirt where controlling wheelspin is crucial to good starts. The “B” mode is for normal dirt conditions. Riders can also select the “Off” setting to retain standard ignition timing.

Power output is controlled via Suzuki’s sophisticated Traction Management system which works seamlessly with the rider to get the power to the ground. To maximise traction for conditions, the engine control module (ECM) automatically adjusts ignition timing and fuel injection based on throttle position, engine speed and gear position.

Suzuki RM-Zs are famous for their class-leading cornering and turning performance. The latest generation aluminium chassis design, combined with premium coil-spring front forks ensures this legacy continues, giving riders sharper handling, better feel and more control than ever before.

The MY21 RM-Z range also boasts a new graphics design, black anodized Dirtstar rims, powerful 270mm wave front rotors and Renthal aluminium Fatbar handlebars as standard equipment.

The MY21 Suzuki RM-Z range will be available from Australian dealerships in December, for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $10,790 ride away for the RM-Z250 and $11,690 ride away for the RM-Z450.