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Gassit Garage | Columns
Gassit Garage / Columns
17 March 2017

Not Forgotten - Bob Mitchell

He was the original Sultan of Slide racing on three wheels, in Australia and on the Continent

Gassit Garage / Columns
12 March 2017

Grid Talk- Laura Brown

Laura Brown is a 30-year-old of many talents, not only a qualified vet, she’s also an accomplished Latin dancer and social media celeb. Laura is also bloody quick on a motorcycle, and an inspiration to young women wanting to get a start in road racing. The 2017 season will

Gassit Garage / Columns
11 March 2017

Two up touring - Me and you and a bike named Betsy

Got a plan to go travelling two-up? Dean Martinello and Sally Clark rode 64,000km overland from Australia to Europe alone on a performance enduro bike on some of the world’s most remote roads.

Gassit Garage / Columns
10 March 2017

Grid Talk - Shane Watts

One of Australia’s greatest enduro exports, is back on home soil and looking to tie up some loose ends

Gassit Garage / Columns
08 March 2017

Where are they now? Ricky Rice

Ricky Rice stumbled into road racing and was fast, but somehow it didn’t last

Gassit Garage / Columns
07 March 2017

Triumph comes to the Moto2 fancy-dress party

Modern Triumph has as much to do with the ancient marque as a rebadged Aprilia with a Spondon chassis does at the TT, where it is called Norton. It’s claptrap

Gassit Garage / Columns
06 March 2017

Revolving Racer- Broc Pearson

After two years of International racing, I am back home racing for 2017 in the ASBK production 300 class and R3 cup on a Yamaha 300.

Gassit Garage / Columns
06 March 2017

My harem on two wheels

How many bikes is enough, and when do you realise you have too many and the ‘harem’ becomes a hell on wheels?

Gassit Garage / Columns
05 March 2017

He did what? Ellis Matthewman Bankin

Considering his exploits, it’s a wonder Bankin evaded tragedy for so long

Gassit Garage / Columns
03 March 2017

Not forgotten - Max Robinson

He was only a race away from winning the world’s first Superbike series…

Gassit Garage / Columns
01 March 2017

Grid Talk - Jack Miller

The instant adrenaline charge of a maiden MotoGP race win has only served to focus Jack Miller on his ultimate goal. Winning the MotoGP World Championship, an ambition that history dictates will require a place in a factory team. It is 34 years since Franco Uncini was the last ri

Gassit Garage / Columns
28 February 2017

Alpinestars- Over the years

The revolutionary boot that Mr. Mazzarolo produced would become an archetype for motocross protection.