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Safety issues at the Red Bull Ring | MotoGP | Sport

Safety issues at the Red Bull Ring remained on the back-burner, and the strength of the riders’ Safety Commission likewise, with no changes to the areas of the track that caused disquiet.

Asked at the pre-event conference, senior riders Rossi and Pedrosa admitted that the matter had been allowed to lapse.

Miller, Austrian MotoGP 2017

Said Rossi: I think any track where the speeds are so high, the run-off area is never enough. There are two or three points here, and tomorrow we will speak together in the Safety Commission.”

Pedrosa agreed on “two or three points where it [the barrier] is too close for the speeds we have here. Tomorrow we meet again and see if there is anything we can ask to change.”

Rossi, Austrian MotoGP 2017