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Gassit Garage
17 July 2017

Dyno the Yamaha MT-10 SP

We took the Yamaha MT-10 SP to Harley at RB Racing at Taren Point to find out how much power and torque the R-Derived CP4 really produces.

16 July 2017

Akrapovič titanium system

Akrapovič titanium system fitted to our MT-10 Long Termer

Gassit Garage
14 July 2017

Where are they now? David Luthie

David Luthje emerged from a minibike display team to become a top proddie runner

Gassit Garage
14 July 2017

Tyred and emotional

Round black things. Tyres mean everything to modern racing.

13 July 2017

How to change brake pads

We look at changing pads

Gassit Garage
12 July 2017

Keith Turner - Hard yards racing in Europe

Keith Turner never had the best equipment, but in 1971 finished second to Agostini in the world 500cc title

Gassit Garage
07 July 2017

Not forgotten - Billy Sanders

A speedway superstar who was hugely popular with fans and rivals alike

Gassit Garage
03 July 2017

Revolving Racer - Melissa Bruce

Melissa Bruce - Growing up, I was not the kid racer with doting helicopter parents. I was the kid that was destined to grow up a ‘failure’. Seventeen years in a home rife with extreme domestic violence and neglect, followed six months later by a head-on with a drunk driver in

Gassit Garage
02 July 2017

My single cylinder pleasure

I probably look like an elephant on a bicycle when riding it, but that’s not my problem – I’m having a ball,thanks very much

30 June 2017

Long Term Update - BMW R1200RS

If you live down south, it’s a great time to test those electronic rider aids

Gassit Garage
28 June 2017

Where are they now? Stephen Greenfield

Stephen Greenfield – still winning at the Finke Desert Race

25 June 2017

Long Term Yamaha MT-10

There is no doubt that Yamaha’s MT-10 is a true contender for top spot in the heavily contested nakedbike sector.