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Tested / Rides
23 November 2017

A ride to Phillip Island, VIC

There are many ways to beat the boring bits en-route to Phillip Island

Tested / Riding Gear + Equipment
03 November 2017

Continental Road Attack 3

There’s nothing more important for safety, performance and handling than a good pair of boots

Tested / Riding Gear + Equipment
31 October 2017

Furygan Full Apex Perfo Suit

Like many, I’m a fan of MotoGP racer Johan Zarco, and while I'll never ride as well as the Frenchman, I can now look like him thanks to the Furygan Full Apex Perfo Suit Australian distributor Bruce Collins Enterprises has sent me test. I’m still to wear the leathers on the r

Tested / Rides
26 October 2017

Touring NSW Central West

Just below the Blue Mountains you will find a great network of roads for sportsbikes – or any two-wheelers

Tested / Other
23 October 2017

Pub Yarns – Colin Whelan

You can’t go far wrong with a book about pubs in Australia. Lots of local history, classic architecture and earthy characters – on both sides of the bar – are bound to leap off the page. That’s definitely the case with this new 300-page hardback from motorcycle enthusiast

Tested / Riding Gear + Equipment
22 October 2017

Look the part on a Harley-Davidson

With an invite to the Harley-Davidson MY18 world launch in California in my pocket, I needed to look the part. When it comes to being a motorcycling fashionista, a launch like this requires a whole new wardrobe – you don’t want to turn up in the same gear as someone else. Aft

Tested / Riding Gear + Equipment
20 October 2017

X-Lite 802RR Ultra Carbon

THE X-LITE SERIES is Nolan’s top-of-the-range helmet line, and the 802RR Ultra Carbon sits at the top of the X-Lite tree. In other words, you can’t buy better from Nolan.

Tested / Riding Gear + Equipment
07 October 2017

The Oxford Oximiser 888

The Oxford Oximiser 888 switch mode charger is designed to automatically maintain, optimise and prolong the life of any 12-volt battery. It provides real-time information about the battery condition and is suitable for all 12-volt battery types up to 30AH, including Gel, MF and c

Tested / Riding Gear + Equipment
23 September 2017

New stuff on the market

Momo Avio The Momo Avio is a lightweight open-face lid with a fibreglass composite monocoque shell. It has a removable and washable liner with a silver-ion treatment for bacteria resistance. It also has an anti-scratch spherical visor and an inner dark sun visor. Gloss black or

Tested / Rides
11 September 2017


A tour of Tasmania’s motorcycle museums reveals plenty of two-wheeled treasures – but it’s the amazing tales behind them that are the real highlights

Tested / Riding Gear + Equipment
07 September 2017

SP Tools Tool kit

TIRED OF STRUGGLING with an incomplete tool kit while working in the Gassit garage, we sent a wish list to SP Tools and crossed our fingers. And when the great news came back that they were happy to help we threw all our wonky shifting spanners and bent screwdrivers in the bin.

Tested / Riding Gear + Equipment
07 September 2017

Shoei X-Spirit III

Spirit of speed