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Voge’s new RR660S is the company's first four-cylinder sportsbike and it is aimed at the global market.

Late last year China’s Voge – the premium arm of motorcycle making giant Loncin – showed its first four-cylinder sportsbike in the form of the ‘RR666S’.

Now the production version has appeared in new type-approval documents that appear to confirm a name-change to RR660S and reveal technical details for the
first time.

The bike is part of a surprising new wave of four-cylinder sportsbikes from China, with brands including QJMotor, Kove and Zonsen all jumping into the arena along with lesser-known companies Vinto and Yingang. At the RR666S’s unveiling, all Voge confirmed was its 660cc capacity and 74kW (100hp) output.

New type-approval documents show the engine carries the codename LX467MT – denoting four cylinders and a 67mm bore – with a precise capacity of 663cc. A bit of maths confirms that means the stroke is 47mm. That’s the same bore as Honda’s CBR650R, but with an extra millimetre of stroke to give the Voge another 14cc capacity. Several of the new-generation fours from China appear to use Honda CB650/CBR650 clone engines, and perhaps the same applies here. The engine manufacturer is listed as Loncin, Voge’s parent company, so this isn’t a bought-in engine from another brand.

The bike’s kerb weight comes in at 215kg ready to go, which is a credible 6kg more than a CBR650R, and its 1450mm wheelbase exactly matches that of the Honda. The tyre sizes – 120/70-17 front and 180/55-17 rear – are also on a par with the CBR650R. The approval documents confirm that while ABS is standard it comes from a Chinese brand, Chongqing Yuanfeng Automotive, rather than a more familiar company like Bosch.

Since Voge already has an international presence, with dealer networks across Europe and America, the RR660S has a strong chance of being sold outside China once production is underway.


The RR660S isn’t the only new bike heading to production from Voge in 2024 – the company has also type-approved a small V-twin cruiser under the ‘CU250’ name.

The bike is powered by a liquid-cooled, 250cc V-twin with under-square dimensions: a 53mm bore is accompanied by a 57mm stroke, putting the emphasis on torque rather than outright power. The approval documents say it maxes out at 20kW, with a 128km/h top speed.

While the bodywork includes traditional shapes for the tank and rear fender, the wheelbase is a moderate 1460mm, suggesting reasonably responsive handling.