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UK win International Challenge | EVENTS

Team UK clinches this year’s International Challenge at the AMCN Island Classic, upsetting the Aussies’ 10-year consecutive win.

Northern Ireland’s Ryan Farquhar scored the highest individual points, winning the Ken Wootton Perpetual Trophy after the four six-lap races. The UK team knocked the Aussies from the top perch in the Tahbilk International Challenge with a 42point victory (617 to 575), followed by America on 445 and the Graeme Crosby-captained New Zealand on 347 points.

The win was an emotional one for the UK, especially for the squad’s mainstay Jeremy McWilliams, who has won the individual standings three times without ever taking home the equally coveted teams’ trophy.

“This is a great day for the UK team, and understandably there’s a fair bit of emotion in the pits at the moment,” McWilliams said.

“The International Challenge is extremely tough and you’ve got to be there in every race.”

There were joint winners in the Phil Irving Perpetual Trophy, awarded to the rider(s) who accumulates the highest amount of points outside the International Challenge.

Levy Day won it for the third time in five years, and he shared the spoils with Michael Dibb. Day wons the 350cc Classic and 500cc Classic classes and Dibb was just as prolific in Unlimited Forgotten Era and New Era Formula 1300cc.

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  1. United Kingdom 617
  2. Australia 575
  3. America 445
  4. New Zealand 347
  1. Ryan Farquhar, UK, 141
  2. Conor Cummins, UK, 139
  3. Jeremy McWilliams, UK, 138
  4. Damien Kavney, New Zealand, 122
  5. Shawn Giles, Australia, 119
  6. Jed Metcher, Australia, 116
  7. Paul Young, Australia, 114
  8. Laurie Fyffe, Australia, 114
  9. Cameron Donald, Australia, 112
  10. Brendan Roberts, Australia, 110
  • 125cc Forgotten Era – Peter Forkes, Honda
  • 125cc New Era – Tait Coghill, Honda
  • 125cc Post-classic – John Eastwood, Honda
  • 250cc Classic – Darrell Bailey, Ducati
  • 250cc Forgotten Era – Stephen Ward, Armstrong
  • 250cc New Era Production – Glenn Chandler, Honda
  • 250cc New Era – Lech Budniak, Yamaha
  • 250cc Post-classic – Murray Seabrook, Yamaha
  • 350cc Classic – Levy Day, Honda
  • 350cc Forgotten Era – Lachlan Hill, Yamaha
  • 350cc Post-Classic – Murray Seabrook, Yamaha
  • 500cc Classic – Levy Day, Honda
  • 500cc Forgotten Era – Colin Heather, Honda
  • 500cc New Era – Steve Tozer, Kawasaki
  • 500cc Post-classic – Tom Bramich, Paton
  • New Era Formula 750cc – Malcolm Campbell, Honda
  • Pre War – David Morse, Velocette
  • Unlimited Classic – Cameron Donald, Harley-Davidson
  • Unlimited Forgotten Era Premier Class – Michael Dibb, Honda
  • Unlimited Forgotten Era Minor Class – Martin Hodgson, Suzuki
  • New Era Formula 1300cc – Michael Dibb, Yamaha
  • Unlimited Post-classic – Dean Oughtred, Honda

See the next issue of AMCN for a full wrap of this year’s Island Classic, out next Thursday.

UK wins International Challenge – Ryan Farquhar overall winner

UK wins International Challenge

UK wins International Challenge