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Paying the Price | RIDING GEAR + EQUIPMENT

Toby’s road to Dakar glory

“A pretty bloody epic journey,” is how Toby Price’s mate Johnny McLean describes the series of tragic and triumphant events that led to the Australian off-road legend claiming his historic victory in the world’s most dangerous race just one year ago. The comment comes 31 minutes into a 38-minute documentary of the bloke’s road to 2016 Dakar Rally glory and he’s dead right.

It’s called Paying the Price, it’s narrated by Aussie ex-F1 star Mark Webber and it’s a genuine insight into the personal tragedy and emotional turmoil Toby price had to overcome to get himself on the top step of the coveted off-road rally podium. It starts from his first-ever ride on his big brother’s Honda when he was two-and-a-half years old and follows the twists, turns and tragedies the likeable bloke had to endure.

It covers his unique riding style, his tough-as-nails mentality, the horrific injury that should have ended either his life or his career – and I couldn’t look away. There are also interviews with his rivals, his team bosses, his teammates, his family, even his spinal surgeon. It’s a totally compelling, entertaining and motivating watch.

We liked

Red Bull’s vision and commitment to highlight not only the amazing talent of the boy from Roto, New South Wales, but that the film is overwhelmingly about the bloody nice bloke Toby Price is. There’s footage of a five-year-old Price with Daryl Somers and Plucka Duck when he was on Hey Hey It’s Saturday, there’s footage from The Footy Show when a seven-year-old Price made his own luck and hit up Fatty Vautin for a Kawasaki KX60 — and got it! That was the very bike that he won his first-ever Aussie title on. And I love that it’s made with quality we’ve come to expect from Red Bull filmmakers.

We didn’t like

How much I cried. It’s normal to well up in an emotionally charged story of Australian grit, right? But during the film, if you’re anything like me, it’ll happen more than once. It’ll happen when Toby’s down-to-earth mum wipes away tears in the family kitchen, it’ll happen when Toby’s slow-talking and kind old man blinks them back and it’ll happen when the tough and rugged Toby Price reveals his country-boy honesty and just cries. It’s sincere, it’s charming and a must see.


Toby Price is a hero. It’s a truly amazing story and one that absolutely needed to be shared with the world. Bravo, Red Bull.


Insight and honesty

Film quality


Not feature length


Duration: 38 minutes

RRP: Free!

by Kellie Buckley