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The world’s fast woman on a motorcycle at Electric Vehicle Expo 2019 | Events

Eva Hakansson, the world’s fastest woman on a motorcycle, will be one of the highlight speakers at the Electric Vehicle Expo 2019 in Melbourne on March 16.

Eva will be at the Expo just days after competing with her electric streamliner motorcycle, Killajoule at the DLRA Speed Week at Lake Gairdner in South Australia. Eva set an official world record on the motorcycle of 400.2kmh in Utah in August, 2016.

Eva, originally from Sweden, is a mechanical engineer and lecturer at Auckland University. She is the main builder of Killajoule, which has a top speed of 434 kmh. She started building it in 2010 as her hobby project in engineering school and is still actively improving and racing it, but also currently building its successor, Green Envy, which she hopes will be even faster!

Eva says her main drive is to show that environmentally friendly electric vehicles don’t have to be slow and that engineering is a great career choice for women. She also loves building stuff that has never been built before.

See electric motorcycles as well as the latest electric cars, bikes, trikes and other electric vehicles on display at the Electric Vehicle Expo 2019. Listen to guest speakers and learn more about the experiences of riders and drivers of EVs.

Technical Data for the KillaJoule

Battery: A123Systems Lithium Nano-Phosphate, 400 V and 10 kWh. 500+ HP.
Motor: EVO Electric AFM-240 motor, 500 HP
Motor controllers: Two Rinehart Motion Systems PM100 controllers, 400 HP combined.
Weight: about 700 kg, including the rider Eva Hakansson
Dimensions: Length 5.6m, width approximately 0.53m, height approximately 0.96m, wheelbase 3.8m, track width when fitted with sidecar 1.14m
Frame and suspension: Chrome-Moly steel tubing with “Springer” style front end and classic stereo suspension for rear end.
Brakes: Disc brakes front and back. Two Kevlar ribbon brake parachute, actuated with Bimba air cylinders.
Body: Fiberglass composite nosecone, canopy and sidecar wheel cover made by Nova Kinetics Aerosystems in Flagstaff, AZ. Body panels of pre-painted aluminium from ALRECO.
Rider, builder, designer and owner: Eva Hakansson
Crew chief, designer and owner: Bill Dubé

Electric Vehicle Expo

When: Saturday, March 16, 9am-4.30pm
Where: Melbourne International Karting Complex, Todd Road and Cook Street, Port Melbourne Cost: $10, Kids under 18 free.