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SUUS and Barton Team Up Ahead of OzGP | EVENTS

On Melbourne’s fashionable Smith Street in Collingwood, the Suus headquarters was home to the launch of young up-and-coming motorcycle rider Matty Barton’s 2012,

FTR Moto racebike (formerly raced by Efrén Vázquez) ahead of his Moto3 wildcard entry in the Phillip Island GP.

Fox Sports Commentator Steve Martin was host and welcomed the motorcycling community to the unveiling of what promises to be a bright partnership between Barton and Suus – a proudly local retailer of motorcycling apparel and accessories.

Once everyone had taken their fill of music, food and drink it was on with the show with Martin conducting a very entertaining interview with Barton and then it was off with the covers and the bike was revealed for all to see, touch and even smell if they wanted to.

For most it was a once in a lifetime chance to get up close and personal with a world-class racebike, and they clearly enjoyed the opportunity.

The relationship between Barton and Suus started in early 2015 when Suus Director Stewart Macciolli got the idea of using a young up-and-coming road racer to be a brand ambassador for the heavily bike-flavoured clothing brand. Macciolli started scanning Facebook and Instagram and it did not take him long to notice Barton.

“I noticed that Matty had a lot of followers and that he was also posting lifestyle stuff and not just racing photos. I was impressed so I got in touch with him and told him that we would like him to become a brand ambassador for us. He came down for a meeting, we kitted him out with our clothes and boots and that’s how it all started.

“When Matty told us he was putting in for a wildcard at the GP we told him we would be keen to jump on board and here we are. Our relationship with him has been fantastic and we are delighted with our investment. Matt is a fantastic guy and has a very mature outlook. We hope he gets every success he is looking for and goes on to bigger and better things, maybe even overseas. Who knows, we might even get to put a sticker on his helmet.”

Barton was delighted with how the launch evening went and with the support that was shown.

“I really cannot thank everyone enough for coming tonight and for what they have done for me. I need to say a special thankyou to my family who have been an enormous support, and to my smaller private sponsors who have helped me get to this point. Most of all I need to thank Suus who are my main sponsor,” Barton said.

“Right now it’s all very nerve wracking and stressful but once we get to GP week we can settle down and have some fun. I am really confident with the bike and the team I have around me and I am hoping that I will attract the attention of some teams and that it may help me to get to either the Spanish CEV or, who knows, straight into the big show if I can do well enough.”

Steve Martin and Matty Barton, SUUS launch