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Shark’s New Warrior: The Spartan | News

Shark Helmets have a strong reputation for rugged, safe and stylish designs. The Spartan is no exception, offering riders the highest levels of safety, comfort and sophistication.

The Spartan combines Shark’s distinct style with a number of features that take the riding experience to the next level. A dual spoiler system optimises air drag and internal cooling, keeping your noggin’ cool, while special Shark Skin fastenings on the side of the peak help reduce whistling noises significantly.

Shark’s Auto Seal system further improves soundproofing and makes the Spartan a warmer, more comfortable fit. Constructed from carbon fibre and weighing in at just 1350g, the Spartan is just as well suited to all day rides as it is to a quick squirt up to the shops. Riders will also benefit from an anti-scratch, UV reflecting sun visor.
When the Shark R&D team designed the Spartan, they took a reverse engineering approach. This means every decision started and finished with the needs of the consumer; from the use of numerical crash simulations utilising Sharks well known safety concept that guarantee the highest level of safety, to implementation of Computational Fluid Dynamics to achieve the most aerodynamic, user friendly design.

The result is a helmet that exudes class and elegance, and performs at the very highest level. The Spartan is as rugged and capable as its namesake.

Shark Spartan RRP:

Plain $449.95
Plain mat $529.95
Graphic $549.95

Skin $649.95
Graphic $689.95
Replica $719.95

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