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Scoop! Street Triple 765 in detail | NEWS

We already brought you the world’s first pictures of the new Triumph Street Triple but the latest spy pictures give a far clearer view and they confirm two key facts about the bike.

First is it keeps the same frame and seat subframe as the outgoing model and secondly, the likely engine, likely to be 765cc, is almost entirely new.

Leaked documents from Triumph reveal the Street Triple range will grow to four models in 2017. As well as a base version and an R model there will be a high-spec RS and a sports-touring RT version. The engine will be made in three states of tune – 82kW for the base model, 86kW for the ‘R’ and 93kW for the top two machines.

It appears that this could be the top-of-the-range RS model, since it features Brembo radial calipers and appears to have an Ohlins rear shock. However, the forks look like they’re Showas, while the leaked Triumph documents suggested the RS will have Ohlins front suspension. It’s also surprising to see instruments that look much like the current ones, since Triumph’s plans suggest a full colour TFT screen will replace them. Of course, this is a prototype, so there’s no guarantee it has all the final components in place.

The swingarm is new, as we revealed before, to make space for the large new silencer in front of the rear wheel. Impressively it seems Triumph has managed to fit the whole exhaust underneath the bike despite tighter new emissions rules, allowing it to have nothing but a stubby exit ahead of the rear wheel. That will get some trim panels to clean its appearance before the bike is officially revealed at the end of this year.

byline – Ben Purvis