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Rossi No Front Tyre Solution | NEWS

Valentino Rossi says he sees no solution to the super-sensitive and narrow performance window of Michelin's crash-prone MotoGP front tyre.

Rossi believes that the primary character of the Michelin front tyre has not changed in 20 years and has put riders on a razor edge.

And his Yamaha teammate Jorge Lorenzo added that Michelin must work to have a “wider operating window of performance” for the front tyre.

Rossi crashed out of sixth place on lap three of Sunday’s Texas GP at turn two with zero warning of impending disaster.

There are on-going comparisons with the previous Bridgestone front tyre which allowed a bigger margin of error.

“The situation this year with these tyres is different to last year with Bridgestone which were very safe on the front, now if make a mistake you pay,” Rossi said.

“In that corner I entered with the same speed,  there are two bumps, and maybe I was more inside and I lost the front. Now it is so important not to make a mistake in the race.”

When asked by AMCN what solution Michelin could offer Rossi said :

“I think there is no solution. The tyres will remain like this and for sure Michelin has to work”

“But especially we work on bike set-up to match more with tyres.

“Michelin tyres have good performance and I like to ride them but the problem is you cannot afford to make a mistake.

“In this crash I had no chance to save it, when I understood I had crashed the bike was already 30 metres away from me.”

Rossi’s problems in Texas started when he burnt the clutch of his Yamaha M1 on the start line had to nurse the throttle for two laps to cool the clutch.

“Maybe I lose concentration and make a mistake,” he said.

After three races Rossi has already slipped a massive 33 points behind Honda rival and championship leader Marc Marquez who has posted consecutive race wins in Argentina and Texas.