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It’s 2020. Does the world really need a 2458cc musclebike with more torque than we’ve ever seen on a bike on a showroom floor? Good question

In an otherwise conservative world of low-capacity efficiency, Triumph says ‘hold my beer’ and delivers an all-new stump-pulling, tyre-shredding, 2458cc musclebike redesigned from the ground up.

The numbers alone demand respect. It has the world’s largest production motorcycle engine. It has the highest torque output of any production motorcycle at 221Nm. Plus it’s got 123kW (165hp). That’s more than your mother’s Mazda 3 from a motorcycle that weighs about a fifth of what the car does.

Four years in the making, the new-generation Rocket 3 is bold, muscular and is as tough as nails. It is over 40kg lighter than is predecessor and at its heart is a new, lighter engine. A smaller crankcase, dry sump and new balancer shafts shed 18kg. The engine has been compacted with shorter conrods so it can sit lower in the frame and to feel smaller between your legs while you’re riding.

Nothing can quite prepare you for your first full-throttle burst on the Rocket. You wind the throttle on and the surge of torque is strong and relentless. The rear end stands up as it tries to funnel all the torque through the shaft drive and into the ground. It is an addictive sensation. 

I started the bike and flicked it to Sport mode. The anticipation of nearly 2460cc was too much and I wanted to feel the best of it as soon as I could. Not the smartest idea, perhaps, as Melbourne had delivered its signature wet weather a few minutes before. As I opened the throttle In third gear on my way out of a roundabout, the bike stepped out to the side, the traction control light started having a fit and I sucked in more air than that massive airbox.

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