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Riders Views on Crutchlow Argentina Jump-Start Penalty | MotoGP | Sport

While jump-start victim Cal Crutchlow insisted he had “moved on” from the ride-through penalty that robbed him of a podium finish in Argentina, rival riders were torn between approval of a firm rule and sympathy for the disproportionate severity of the penalty.

Crutchlow had inched forward on the start line, explaining that he was moving onto tip-toe, and seemed to have stopped again before the lights went out. The Stewards Panel, headed by new chairman Freddie Spencer, judged otherwise, and the 2018 Argentine GP winner was dropped to the back of the field as the consequence of the resultant ride-through … the penalty that is dictated by the rules/

Rossi summed it up clearly on race eve, saying: “The only way to have a clear rule is that you don’t move … but I think we speak tomorrow about the penalty.”

Dovizioso had a similar view. “It will be important. It was clear that Cal didn’t gain anything and didn’t do it on purpose. I thin it is very hard to accept that for Cal. It’s bad to lose a race like this, very bad.”

Marquez said: “I agree – but it is the best way … to have a solid rule.”

Crutchlow and team owner Lucio Cecchinello met with the stewards on race eve. Cecchinello said later: “We will all have a discussion on how to amend this rule.”

by Michael Scott

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