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Ducati Scrambler Café Racer | NEWS

Just two years ago, when the new Ducati Scrambler brand was launched, nobody would have believed that today we would be here talking about a Scrambler Café Racer.

The Ducati Scrambler CaféRacer is the Scrambler interpretation of the legendary ’60s bikes that triggered a motorcycling revolution. Free spirit and style: with its “BlackCoffee” colour scheme, the Ducati Scrambler CaféRacer takes us from the 1960s all the way to today’s Land of Joy.

Back in the day, in London, a bold,forward-thinking group of young motorcyclists, the “Ton–Up Boys” of the Rocker movement, began setting up their bikes to win the sprint from one café to the next (each race was supposed to last as long as a Juke Box single).

Since then, the CaféRacer culture has gone on to become a global phenomenon.

The Ducati Scrambler world and CaféRacer culture share a style that extends beyond the bike to encompass apparel and accessories.

The Ducati Scrambler CaféRacer thus broadens the scope of the Scrambler brand which, now, for the first time, offers a fresh take on what was one of motorcycling’s most influential movements.

This version has 17”wheels with Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO II tyres (120/70 ZR 17 at the front and 180/55 ZR17 at the rear), a pivotal feature on this more-Scrambler-than-ever version that provides plenty of scope for personalisation.

The Ducati Scrambler CaféRacer is powered by the air and oil-cooled twin-cylinder Desmodue engine taken from the Icon, EURO 4-compliant and with black-trimmed covers and machined cooling fins.

The characteristic teardrop tank with interchangeable aluminium side panels is combined with a dedicated seat featuring a cover for the passenger section.

Rear-view mirrors mounted on the aluminium handlebar ends draw their inspiration from the ’60s “race” look, while the radial front brake pump is a typically modern component able to ensure true sport bike braking performance.And that’s not all: the Termignoni exhaust with dual tailpipes and black anodized aluminium cover, the nose fairing, lateral number holders and stubby mudguard are all clear references to the bikes that roared down British streets back in the ’60s.



Black Coffee with black frame and gold wheels


Desmodue twin-cylinder engine, EURO 4-compliant, with black finish and machinedcooling fins.oTermignoni exhaust with dual tailpipesand black anodized aluminium cover

17”Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO II tyres, 120/70 ZR 17 up front and 180/55 ZR17 at the rear

Dedicated seat with cover for passenger section

Lateral number holders

Separate aluminium handlebars

Fully adjustable upside down fork with black anodized sleeves

Sportyfront mudguard

Rear-view mirrors mounted on aluminium handlebars

“Caféracer” nose fairing

Front radial brake pump

Steel teardrop fuel tank with interchangeable side panels

Dedicated logo

Low plate holder


Safe, high-performance braking

The Ducati Scrambler CaféRacer mounts a Brembo braking system featuring a Bosch 9.1 MP ABS system with apressure sensor. To combine maximum stopping performance with minimalist styling the front wheel has a single 330 mm disc (a good 5 mm thick) with a 4-piston Brembo M 4.32B monobloc caliper with radial attachment. The Ducati Scrambler CaféRacer also features a radial-type front brake pump. This decision to mount a powerful single-disc front braking system was taken to leave a clear view on the right side of the wheel. At the rear, instead, a 245 mm disc is gripped by a caliper with a 32 mm piston.


The Ducati Scrambler CaféRacer mounts the EURO 4-compliant, twin-cylinder 803 cc air and oil-cooled engine taken from the Icon. Together with the new homologation comes  a  new  throttle  control  and an up-to-the-minute engine calibration  that  has made power delivery even smoother, especially at the bottom end of the rev range. Another  distinguishing  Ducati  Scrambler  CaféRacer  feature  is  the  black  engine, which  contrasts  strikingly  with  the brushed  finish on  the cylinder  head  cooling fins.Equipped with a 6-speed gearbox, the twin-cylinder Desmodue engine on the Scrambler has  been designed to  favour  smooth running  and  fluid acceleration throughout  the rev  range, delivering75  hp  at  8,250  rpm  and  a  torque  of  68  Nm  at  5,750  rpm. Designed to be simple and accessible, just like the Scrambler itself, it features 12,000 km (7,500 mile)maintenance intervals.

CaféRacer, much more than a bike

In perfect Scrambler style, the CaféRacer has a dedicated line of accessories and apparel. For example, there’s the X-shaped headlight mesh guard, which evokes the tape that was once put in place to stop the glass breaking in the event of a fall;that same tape inspired the Scrambler designers when they were designing the headlight. Then there’s the distinctive long, flat seat, a small leather tank bag, the spoked wheels, rear view mirrors and the exhaust cover.And when it comes toapparel for the Ducati Scrambler CaféRacer,the Land of Joy offers an all-new black leather jacket, a full-face Bell helmet by Roland Sands Design, plus sweatshirt and T-shirts with real caféracer flair.