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It doesn’t matter if it was a free-to-a- good-home paddock basher you pulled from the neighbour’s shed, or a shiny new showroom model you saved your hard- earned cash for, no one forgets their first.


1971 Honda SL70

My first bike was a 1971 Honda SL70 on which I taught myself to ride on at 13. My dad bought it for me and my two brothers – bombproof and great fun. I’m now up to bike number 14. Brad Pullen

1973 Honda MT 250

I bought my 1973 Honda MT 250 Elsinore. I bought it from a mate for $300 in 1975. This was my girlfriend at the time Colleen learning to ride it. We’ve been married for 42 years. Terry Palmer

1951 Victoria Aero 250

My first bike in 1969 was named ‘Thunderguts, a 1951 Victoria Aero 250 two-stroke single. But this is Basil, the BSA 500 in 1971. John Ford

Desmo 450

It was love at first sight. No, not for my girlfriend Sharyn, but for my metallic silver Desmo 450. Philip Squelch

Suzuki 650 Katana

This was my first true roadbike purchased at the age of 20. A Suzuki 650 Katana, seen here cutting up Brown Mountain pass around 1984. Stuart Hunt

2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300

My 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300, nothing too special just run of the mill, but I have found it great so far. Planning to upgrade to a YZF-R6 or R1 when I can. Joel Wilks

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