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R3 Cup prize pool announced | EVENTS

Hot on the heels of YMA’s announcement to re-run the YMF/YMI R3 Cup for 2017 comes more good news in the form of a $23,250 prize pool for competitors.

Entry level riders who compete in the series will be rewarded right down to fifth place in a move to keep introducing new riders to road racing.

Because the R3 Cup is designed as an entry level race series aimed at showcasing new riders, all ‘A’ graders, international riders and pro level racers are not eligible to win any prizes – although they are welcome to race in the series.

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Individual round payments will be awarded on a race-by-race basis but to be in the running for the overall contingencies, racers are asked to compete in at least four of the five rounds. All riders must display all series logos and run a Yamaha Racing patch on leathers in order to benefit from the prize pool payments:

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R3 Cup dates are listed below. Note that official ASBK tests take place for R3 Cup Competitors on the following dates: Wakefield Park 7-8 March, Winton 11-12 April and Morgan Park 9-10 August 2017.

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$7900 buys a YZF-R3 in road trim with the addition of a full race kit, which gives the option to return the bike into roadgoing form if desired. And to make it even easier, customers may purchase the racing YZF-R3 using YMF finance. With the package price of $7900.00 the repayment amount over a 12 month term would be $168 per week or over a 24 month term $88.

Visit to download an application form.

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