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Old meets new with Energica Midnight Racer | NEWS

Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica has revealed a retro-styled electric bike called the Midnight Runner. The distinctive machine is a collaboration between Energica, who looked after the 100kW electric motor, and Apache Custom Motorcycles, who created the old-school styling.

According to Apache, inspiration for the look came from the grand prix racebikes from the 1970s, with the handmade fairing and bodywork finished in a British Racing Green colour scheme.

“Midnight Runner is a roar of the engine to the eye, not to the ears,” an Apache spokesperson said. “It is a perfect fusion of past, present and future. It’s a race in the night, a beacon that lights the way and it is silence.”

According to Energica, the Midnight Runner can go from 0 to 100km/h in three seconds and has a decent range of 200km.