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Nelson-Rigg Hurricane and Journey Backpacks | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

Backpacks are an important part of a rider’s kit, but we want to know if motorcycling-specific packs are all they’re cracked up to be

With no support vehicle available for our multi-day middleweight nakedbike shootout, the test team needs to fit whatever they require for the days on the road into a backpack. I was a little concerned about how the riders would look in the photos if they were all wearing different styles and sizes of backpacks – especially if someone turned up with their daughter’s Dora The Explorer pack because their son had buggered off with theirs.

Thankfully, the team from Link International were keen to get involved, fitting up each of the eight riders with one of two beaut new Nelson-Rigg Gear backpacks. We’ve received four of the adventure-orientated Hurricane packs and four of the road-biased Journey backpacks.

The Journey has a 25.5-litre capacity with a water-resistant Ultra-Max construction, and the EVA Foam support provides a pre-formed shape for all-day riding comfort. The inner sleeve is large enough for a laptop, which is essential for me when the road is often also my office, and there’s an integrated pocket to include the optional hydration bladder. Added comfort is provided with the padded back panel which has an airflow system. And the smooth, unbusy
style will suit road riders wanting  to match the lines of their sportsbike.

If off-road or long-distance adventure is more your thing, the Hurricane backpack is available in either 20-litre or 40-litre capacities. It’s manufactured from durable Tarpaulin PVC with heat-welded seams and is claimed to be 100 per cent waterproof. It features a clever purge air-escape valve which makes compact loading easy and also means there’s no air pocket for your things to move around in and distract you on the bike. The MOLLE panel is also a waterproof map pocket.

There’s a front pocket which is designed to accomodate the optional hydration pack, and the whole thing can be integrated into the Nelson-Rigg tail bag via quick-release straps.

It’ll take more than one multi-day ride to really test the practicality and performance of a back pack in a wide variety of two-wheeled situations, so check back soon for our full test review in an upcoming issue. 

Link International



  •    20 Litre $159.95
  •    40 Litre $189.95  (07) 3382 5000

By Chris Dobie