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Motrac MT-X500 edging closer to production | NEWS

Earlier this year we revealed the convincing plans from Chinese newcomers Motrac to produce a range of 400cc and 500cc parallel-twin roadsters and adventure bikes (AMCN Vol 66 No 13)

While the firm has already launched the MT400 roadster and the MG500 adventure tourer, it also showed a concept bike combining the larger engine with the on-road approach of the MT model, and new design patents reveal the production version is pretty close to what we saw.

Changes include a switch from wire wheels to more sensible cast alloys, as well as different forks and brakes. Notably, ABS – vital if the firm hopes to sell the bike in Europe – has made an appearance.

The frame is basically the same with a cast-alloy rear section and tubular front end, while the swingarm is a new cast-aluminium design. The bodywork is a straight carry over, including those distinctive (and purely cosmetic) gills running down each side of the tank.

The firm has simultaneously patented designs for the forthcoming 800cc V-twin cruiser that it also plans to put into production.

By Ben Purvis