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MotoCAP safety ratings are based on internationally-recognised, independent tests to assess a garment’s relative ability to protect a rider in a crash.

THE NEW SOUTH Wales Government has announced a star rating system for protective motorcycle clothing called Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Program (MotoCAP). It puts the garments through a series of tests and then rates them for both protection and comfort.

Riders wearing protective motorcycle clothing, especially when fitted with impact protection, are less likely to have any injuries in a crash, while those who are injured are less likely to be hospitalised.  Unfortunately, studies show that up to 30 per cent of motorcycle clothing fails in crashes.

Until now, riders have had little information on choosing the best products to protect them from injury if they crash. Nor could retailers or manufacturers compare the performance of their products to others in the market.

The Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Program (MotoCAP) has been established by a consortium of government and private organisations across Australia and New Zealand. MotoCAP’s aim is to empower motorcyclists to choose the right gear that provides them with the best protection and comfort for their ride.

MotoCAP safety ratings assess how well garments protect a motorcyclist in a crash, based on impact protection, burst resistance and abrasion resistance.


Test results are weighted to emphasise the need for greater protection in high risk areas as outlined in the diagram below.

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