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Michelin Anakee Adventure tyres | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

Bibendum (the Michelin man’s official name, if anyone’s wondering) has been busy sorting out a new range of dual-sport hoops with two clear objectives in mind: that they’re well suited for larger-capacity adventure machines and perfect for the rider who spends most of their time on the black top. The result is a new offering which, thanks to its road-riding bias, is laying claim to being the first dual-compound adventure tyre to hit the market. Using Michelin’s 2CT (front) and 2CT+ (rear) technology, the tyres boast different bands of high silica rubber in different sections, for better wear, drainage and grip.

Designed for 80 per cent on-road use and 20 per cent off-road use, the Michelin Anakee Adventure tyre is the third in the French brand’s trail line-up, falling in between the road-focused Road 5 Trail and the all-roads specific Anakee Wild (designed for 50 per cent road use and 50 per cent off-road use).

Look closely and the tread pattern and there’s clever bridges between the blocks on the shoulder of the tyre which is designed to reduce squirming and offer more stability while you’re hooking in through the twisty stuff on the road. A feature which is also bound to reduce premature wear and feathering, too.

Less obvious is how the profile differs significantly compared to the Anakee Wild tyre, again more road biased to provide better agility and too feel better at higher road speeds.

Once I’ve scrubbed them in and worn them out, I’ll let you know if they lived up to their word.- Andy ‘Strapz’ White

Available sizes

The Anakee adventure will be available in 19- and 21-inch diameter front sizes with both 17- and 18-inch diameter rear tyres.


90/90-21          $179

100/90-19        $179 (Due June)

110/80-19        $229

120/70-19        $239


130/80-17        $249 (Due June)

140/80-17        $259 (Due June)

150/70-17        $299

170/60-17        $299

150/70-18        $279

Byrners Suzuki fitted them Strapz’ Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT and from a tech’s point of view they went on surprisingly easily.
“I didn’t have to fight them,” was the feedback.
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