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Mahindra looking to buy Norton | NEWS

The Times of India reports that homegrown industrial giant the Mahindra Group has its eye on buying a slice of classic British motorcycle heritage – with Norton and BSA both on the target list.

While Mahindra is a hugely powerful company in the car market and bought a 51% stake in Peugeot Motorcycles last year, it’s struggled to establish itself as a bike maker since it entered the arena back in 2010, when it bought Kinetic. The Times of India reports that Mahindra’s share in the country’s motorcycle market is below 1% and has been in decline.

Buy buying Norton – surely the preferred marque given its existing range and the fact it’s established as a current manufacturer, unlike BSA which exists as little more than a memory for most people – Mahindra would be positioning itself to compete with rival Indian-owned, British-derived retro firm Royal Enfield. It could also use the brand on its existing small-capacity machines, gaining an instant cachet that they currently lack.

Norton itself has been no stranger to spreading its name around. Current owner Stuart Garner even briefly used the Norton name on prams, baby seats and pushchairs sold by his now-defunct Klever Kids business.

By Ben Purvis