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Macna Vosges Night Eye Jacket | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

You may have seen me in the pages of AMCN lately wearing the Macna Command Plus Camo jacket, which retails for $299.95. It’s a great price for a great-quality jacket, but now I think I have found something better, Macna’s Vosges Night Eye jacket.

It’s a heavyweight, quality item that looks like it could be worn during an arctic blast.  Like the Camo, it’s reasonably priced at $549.95 (or $499.95 without the Night-Eye technology). Sure, that’s $200 more than the Camo, but it’s easy to see where your extra investment goes.

It’s an adventure-style jacket that can also be worn for commuter duties. It’s made from a super tough and heavy Durylon, and the Raintex breathable waterproof membrane and thermo lining are removable. But if you’re still a bit warm, it also has zippered vents large enough to let in a serious amount of air.

On the safety front, the Vosges model I’m testing has the Night Eye system which really pops when the light hits it. The non-Night Eye Vosges still has impressive reflective panels on the chest and back, but the Night Eye version has the same panels, as well as benefitting from the reflective coating all over.

Both have CE protection at the shoulders and elbows and are back-protector ready. There’s plenty of things to adjust and tighten on this jacket, so now it’s time to give it a good test over the next couple of months, so keep an eye out for a full product test review in an upcoming issue of AMCN. 

Macna Vosges Night Eye


(non-Night Eye $499.95)


Night Eye/ Black/ Fluoro


Men’s S-4XL

Link International    07 3382 5000

By Chris Dobie