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Lukey Luke will perform for the last time this weekend at Phillip Island.

Professional stunt rider “Lukey” Luke Follacchio will be appearing at the Phillip Island at the final round of the 2022 Motul World SBK Championship from 18 – 20 November, before he retires.

lukey luke

World SBK at Phillip Island has been a regular event for Melbourne-based rider Lukey and will have a very special meaning this year, for him and his many supporters, as it will be Luke’s final professional stunt riding appearance ahead of his retirement.

After a professional stunt career spanning nearly 20 years, Lukey Luke retires from stunt riding.

lukey luke

“I feel particularly blessed to be able to end my career this way. While the old body isn’t 100%, I am still able to give my everything at shows and this final weekend is going to go big!” said “Lukey” Luke Follacchio.

“It’s been an amazing journey and there are so many people to thank. If young me could see what I’ve been able to do, where I have been able to perform, and the friends and fans I would make along the way- well, like me, he’d be pretty stoked!”

“My family have been there every step of the way from my early days to now and without them I would never have been able to make this strange sport my career.”

“It’s impossible to adequately express my gratitude to all of my sponsors along the way. I’ve always tried to give more than I have received and never taken their generosity and support for granted.”

lukey luke

“Finally, to my fans and followers- thank you! When I started there was no Facebook, no Instagram and I wrap up my career with some three quarters of a million fans worldwide! While I love having this sort of social following, nothing bears seeing people at events and putting on the best possible show for them. It’s still my greatest thrill.”

“So while it’s a great time to look back, I am determined to have a huge weekend at The Island- one last time!”

lukey luke

This is not the end of Lukey’s involvement in the motorcycle industry as fans can still follow his antics as he takes up a brand ambassador role with Peter Stevens Importers (PSI).

Nigel Harvey (Head of Marketing and Ecommerce at PS Importers) is keen to continue the partnership with Lukey. “Having known Lukey for the past 15 years and sponsoring him for the past six, it has been amazing to see his stunt riding, business interests and family change over that time.”

lukey luke

“While his retirement marks the end of one of the most celebrated motorcycle stunt riders in Australia’s history, it’s also the start of a new chapter for Luke. At PS Importers we are proudly a family business, and Luke is part of that family. His passion, enthusiasm, and skill on two wheels is infectious and seeing him throw a leg over any bike, makes you want to ride.”

“It is for this reason that we continue to partner with Luke, to share the stoke of riding motorcycles with our customers, friends, and families.”

lukey luke

Luke will also continue to own and run Benzina Garage, his renowned Motorcycle workshop in Preston, and a new venture, Benzina Stables, a high end, enthusiast focussed Car and Motorcycle Storage facility. Benzina Stables will formally launch in the coming months.

World SBK is at Phillip Island from 18-20 November 2022. Click here for tickets and information.