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Longing for Loncin | NEWS

Chinese firm Loncin is getting increasingly ambitious. It recently unveiled a decent-looking 300cc sportsbike, the GP300, and it has both 650cc single-cylinder and 500cc twin-cylinder ranges under development as well.

Here’s the first glimpse of another new model, the LX300-6C, which is clearly intended to rival Honda’s neo-retro CB300R. It’s a bit of a looker, too.

Recently type-approved in China, it is powered by a 19kW 292cc water-cooled single, made by Loncin itself. That’s a reasonably competitive figure, but a bit below the 23kW that Honda’s 286cc single achieves in the CB300R.

Chinese bikes often arrive overweight, and it’s the usual story with the LX300-6C. Rated at 168kg, it’s 24kg heavier than the CB300R.

There’s no word yet on price or availability outside China, but it’s sure to be significantly less expensive than the Honda.

For those unfamiliar with Loncin, it manufacturers more than 1.5 million engines per year and is an OEM supplier to BMW in several countries. 

By Ben Purvis