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Kriega Sling waterproof shoulder bag | RIDING GEAR + EQUIPMENT

How simple is this? A shoulder bag that packs a lot of features into its small eight-litre capacity. It has neat patented rings that allow the straps to be adjusted and the main storage bag is waterproof. I tried the jump in the shower test and it worked well enough that I am now ‘allowed’ to borrow the sacred iPad – that’s a first.

It could double as a tank bag with the supplied extra straps and that’s handy. The contact side is non-slip, which helps keep it glued to your back rather than flapping around. You can change the set-up from left- to right-handed too. The waist belt works well, but I would only feel the need to use that in an off-road situation.

The Sling also doubles as a mini-drink cooler as the lining has insulation and can keep two bottles of wine or a four-pack of beer chilled for a couple of hours. It has become my go-to bag, carrying everything I need in a small effortless package.

We liked

Three separate compartments help a disorganised mind be much more organised. The waterproof-ness is fantastic and relies on a neat fold over and lock system, much like you find on outdoor duffle bags used for boating and adventure riding. It doesn’t move around in the wind, and kind of looks the business.

We didn’t like

The strap can aggravate your neck if you wear a collarless jacket and don’t get the adjustment 100 per cent right. Also it’s just black – I would like to see some reflective striping or a patch on the traffic facing side.


Kriega gear isn’t always the cheapest on the market but there is no doubting its quality or its capacity to be swung around happily as a convenient, long-lasting bit of kit.


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