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HORWIN preview the first high-performance intelligent bio-machinery with integrated intelligent chassis at EICMA

HORWIN will officially release two high-performance intelligent electric motorcycles SENMENTI O & SENMENTI X based on integrated intelligent chassis at EICMA, one of the world’s largest two-wheel vehicle exhibitions, which is called “mobile life form” by HORWIN.

Integrated intelligent chassis: fundamentally improving efficiency and reducing consumption.
In the context of the growing emphasis on environmental protection, carbon neutrality, isn’t there any solution for the new energy two wheeled vehicle industry to fundamentally solve the “triangle paradox of performance, range and weight”? After 6 years of underlying technology research and development and European market verification, HORWIN has abandoned the structural layout of traditional fuel vehicles and the traditional split-type layout of battery, motor and controller in the overall vehicle structural layout through the core technology concept of “improving efficiency and reducing consumption”, and broke the impossible triangle with the “IM integrated intelligent chassis” developed by HORWIN itself in the whole stack, redefining the electric motorcycle.

Sense and intelligence are key indispensable elements for all living things. HORWIN set more than 30 sensors in SENMENTI 0, and at the same time, it uses automotive level domain control technology to achieve high-speed computing, information judgment and decision-making, forming an intelligent platform integrating data collection, data analysis and automatic decision-making, which not only greatly expands the upgrading space of OTA (Over-the-Air Technology), but also realises the lifelong evolution of OTA covering all scenarios. It will become more and more intelligent and even in the future, it can realise the learning of human unique personality, use human-computer systems to interact with users, and become a new mobile life with real communication, memory, and learning capabilities. SENMENTI X is a real “mobile first-class cabin flying close to the ground”!

Create products that truly meet users’ needs: mobile civilized life experiment will optimize and improve products with users.
As a technology explorer, breaker and leader in the electric motorcycle industry, HORWIN always takes “building a new life mobile civilisation with state-of-the-art technology, allowing more people to freely explore a new life state” as its mission, and subverts the traditional top-down product definition methodology. All products manufactured by HORWIN will be born and evolved together with users in every large-scale mobile civilisation life experiment!

As a breaker of old rules in the industry, the release of HORWIN’s new products and technology platform will create more possibilities for the entire two wheeled motorcycle industry and constantly expand the boundaries of human exploration of the state of life.

HORWIN will display IM integrated intelligent chassis, self-balancing technology (two-wheeled dynamic driving assistance technology), SENMENTI 0, SENMENTI X, and launch mobile life laboratory (user co-creation event) at EICMA November 8 – 13.