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Honda’s six-cylinder leaning trike! | Manufacture News | News

A flurry of patents has revealed that Honda is planning a massive a six-cylinder Valkyrie tilt-trike. We’ve seen plenty of indications over the last few years that it is serious about joining Yamaha and diving into large-capacity tilting three-wheelers.

Previously, Honda has patented designs for front suspension layouts attached to motorcycle-style rear ends to create tilting trikes, but most of the patents featured machines based on the NC750 parallel-twin engine. The latest plans show Honda is also looking at a much larger three-wheeler.

A growing acceptance of tilting trikes, led by scooters like the Piaggio MP3 and Yamaha Tricity and this year extending to larger models with the debut of Yamaha’s Niken, had prompted Honda to go big.

According to the patents, the tilting system of the three-wheeled Valkyrie would be governed by a dedicated computer, using a powerful electric motor to control the amount of lean.

Everyone’s doing it! including Piaggio…….

By Ben Purvis