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HELPING HANDS: HEATED GRIP COVERS | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

Oxford Hot Hands Heated Grip Covers

Confession time. These overgrips have been kicking around my shed for so many years, I’m surprised I still even have them. The idea of velcro-ing something around the outside of bike grips terrified me. They could be the fluffy steering-wheel covers of the bike world.

But when the adventure ride promised single-digit temperatures and the V-Strom lobbed without its optional heated grips fitted, I thought I’d bite the bullet. If I hated them, I could whip them off but I figured I was better off looking at them than getting 100 kays down the road and looking for them.

heated hand grip covers

Quick and easy to fit directly to the battery, I hid the wires underneath the tank cover and mounted the switch to the ’bar. With enough wire to each grip cover to fit to the most ridiculous set of ape hangers you’ve ever seen, I made sure I had enough to not to impede the ’bar on full lock both ways, rolled up the excess, zip-tied it neatly under the ’bar mount out of sight and threw some side-cutters under the seat for if and when I needed to remove them.

With the covers tightly velcroed around the grips, you can’t really tell they’re there. Certainly not with winter gloves on, even in a downpour I wasn’t aware of them being any different. Except, of course, that they were toasty warm.

The only gripe is that because they’re wired directly to the battery, you must remember to turn them off or else you’ll flatten the battery. But other than that, I can’t fault them. Nor can I believe it’s taken me so long to try them.

OXFORD Hot hands

Oxford Hot Hands  |  $84.50 (RRP)

Colours: Black

Sizes: Universal

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