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Electrified by T Cruise? | NEWS

You know electrification is getting serious when those combustion-loving Italians begin churning out electric-powered motorcycles - and that’s what happened at the recent AIMExpo in Ohio.

It’s the work of Italian company Tacita, and is powered by a liquid-cooled asynchronous three-phase induction motor capable of 30Kw and up to 70Nm of torque which, as with all electric-powered machines, is available from just above zero rpm.

Dubbed the T-Cruise (yes, really. And no, I don’t think they thought that through), not only does it boast switchable modes, but it appears would-be owners can choose between a belt or chain final drive.

And just like on Victory’s electric-powered Empulse (which may or may not appear as an Indian-branded machine sometime in the future), Tacita has included a manual five-speed gearbox for a conventional motorcycle feel.

Looking to appeal to Harley owners with its Street 750 styling and black-with-orange-highlights colour scheme, it seems to be aimed solely at the American market, though that might change depending on market reactions.

Kellie Buckley