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Electric Trident? | Manufacture News | News

A new trademark application has opened a Pandora’s box of anticipation. Triumph is finally moving forward with the name ‘Trident’.

For years Triumph has been hanging on to trademark rights to the name ‘Trident’ – not with a plan to launch an individual model under the name but with the idea of using it on a spin-off brand. Now it appears that sub-brand could be used on a range of electric bikes.

The previous Trident trademark was granted for use on “land vehicles; sports utility vehicles; side by side vehicles; motorcycles; mopeds; scooters; tricycles; bicycles; powered 2-wheeled vehicles; and structural parts for land vehicles.” That seems pretty comprehensive, but the new applications significantly add electric motorcycles to the mix.

Hinckley Trident of the 1990s

Trademark rights for the new uses were granted in Europe and America last year, and now Triumph is adding even more, with an additional trademark application for rights to use the Trident name on a massive list of products ranging from clothing and accessories to motorcycle repair and maintenance services, all adding substance to the idea that Trident will be a brand rather than just a new Triumph model.

By Ben Purvis