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Dray’s lucky day in the lead-up to Finke! | NEWS | SPORT

KTM and Toby Price rally behind Finke’s youngest-ever female dirtbike competitor

Finke’s youngest-ever female dirtbike competitor Rosie Dray’s desert racing debut got off to devastating start when her KTM 250 SX-F blew up just 20km into her second day’s practice session. But in a sterling display of camaraderie and support, KTM Australia stepped in to assist the 16-year-old in seeing her 2016 goal through by providing Rosie a brand-new 250cc KTM to complete the two-stage race and the remaining practice days leading up to it.

“I’m so pumped right now,” her dad Jeff beamed. “I can’t think them enough!”

If the generosity of a new bike wasn’t enough to lift the Dray family’s spirits and regain the focus of completing the first day’s race within the four-hour cut-off, Australia’s Dakar-winning Toby Price stepped in to help Rosie and Jeff get the bike set-up and ready for the gruelling demands of desert racing. You can follow Rosie’s weekend via histogram by searching @jeffdray_zeromx in the people tab.

By: Kel Buckley