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Check-up time – CFMoto 650NK | GASSIT GARAGE

Believe it or not, there are a few things that AMCN does not know about motorcycles. One of them is how today’s bikes get on after a couple of years.

Yes, sad as it is for us, the bikes we ride are nearly all brand-spanking new. On a launch, they’re set up for a single event; when we get to test a bike at Gassit HQ, it invariably arrives with fewer than 1000km on the odo and leaves after only a couple of weeks. Even our long-termers rarely stay for more than six months.

So a visit to the local bike workshop is a great chance for us to learn. Mechanics are part of a bike’s full lifecycle and get a feel for each model’s strengths and weaknesses. And they have an excellent idea of what’s an exception and what’s a rule.

I was especially interested to hear what the guys at A1 Motorcycles in Ringwood had to say when it came time for the CFMoto 650NK’s first service. Let’s be honest, people are always a bit leery of new brands, especially if they’re from China. What did the experts have to say then?

First of all, our 650NK was given a clean bill of health – not surprising on a first service. Even more encouraging was the mechanic’s ringing endorsement of the model on the whole. According to him, it’s a solid bike that presents few issues even as it clocks up the kays.

The only thing we’ve noted so far is that the speedo occasionally resets while on the move, and the mechanic confirmed that the LCD dash does have its glitches. But when a bike is going for $6490 ride away, it’s the kind of issue you could live with.

As I rode the CFMoto back to the office, I wondered if one day we’ll think of Chinese bikes the same way we do now of Japanese bikes. Surely it’s only a matter of time.