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CFMOTO introduce C-LINK and the intelligent ‘NK-C22 Concept’ motorcycle.

CFMOTO has released the stunning ‘NK-C22 Concept’ motorcycle at the 2022 Autumn Strategy Conference.

The new prototype release coincided with the announcement of the ‘Intelligent + Electrification’ strategy, introduced C-LINK, a new motorcycle intelligence platform. This new technological initiative is designed to find the perfect balance between the ‘software’ and ‘hardware’ components of motorcycles in order to further increase rider ease-of-use and satisfaction.

CFMOTO recognises vehicle networking and intelligent interaction is fast becoming a part of every-day digital life and intends to integrate this technology into future motorcycle development. The company already formed an Electrification + Intelligence R&D team several years ago.

C-LINK is the development of three core sectors including, intelligent network connection, intelligent cockpit, and intelligent riding, all combined to create a ‘Connected Fun’ riding experience.

The unveiling of the striking new ‘NK-C22 Concept’ followed the announcement, a technology fuelled motorcycle designed to bring the new C-LINK initiative onto our roads.

The concept features forged carbon fibre bodywork and trim, a racing-inspired SC-Project dual-exhaust and a single-side swingarm, all wrapped in the CFMOTO styling.

Chen Zhiyong, General Manager of CFMOTO motorcycles, concluded by saying 2023 will be a big year of new products, with six petrol-powered and four electric motorcycles planned to be launched.

Further information on specifications and production release of the NK-C22 will be announced closer to launch.