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CFMoto gets exhausted | Gassit Garage | Long Term

Funny thing about bikes: almost as soon as you get one home, you start changing stuff.

Often this kicks the factory warranty in the guts, but few care and most go ahead anyway. Our sinisterly black long-term CFMoto 650NK has already lost its spindly but heavy rear end bracketry in favour of a tail-tidy and now its 3kg standard exhaust is under the bench too.

It’s been replaced by a Musarri slip-on pipe in stealthy all-black stainless steel, and if Loud Pipes Save Lives – this bike will live forever.

However, it does let everyone in the street know you’re coming, where you went and if you’ve mucked up a gear-change – which thankfully, simply doesn’t happen on the CFMoto, because the gearshift on the gutsy 650 parallel twin is slick, precise and accurate, five-sixths of the time, anyway. The only time it’s not, is when slotting into first on the grid… err, at red lights. Then, gear selection has the robustness of a swing bridge locking into place. Going up and down the closely spaced ratios is an exact science – made a lot more fun by the Musarri pipe. It crackles, burps, barks and wails by degree, faithfully broadcasting whatever you’re doing with right hand and left foot.

My neighbours probably have a Beanie Kid biker doll with pins sticking in it now, and stab more in every time I get home – meh!

MUSARRI  GP Street Series
black slip-on exhaust

RRP $199.90 + 19.90 Postage

Screaming Demon