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Scoop pics of the all-new CFMoto 800MT-X adventure bike show production version of EICMA concept.

These photos show the production version of the all-new CFMoto 800MT-X that was first hinted at in concept form at last November’s EICMA show – a serious adventure bike based on the KTM ‘790’ engine that powers the existing 800MT but slotted into a much more capable off-road chassis with close similarities to KTM’s own 790 and 890 Adventure models.

Now the production version of the CFMoto 800MT-X has been type-approved, revealing not only how the showroom model will look but giving away key technical details and showing that customers will be offered multiple variants.

The first takeaway from seeing the production version of the MT-X is that it’s extremely close in appearance to the EICMA concept. Apart from the addition of pillion footpegs, the elimination of the concept’s plastic brake cowls and high-end Brembo calipers, and some more toned-down paint and graphics, the production 800MT-X is essentially a carbon-copy of the show bike.

While CFMoto has long built KTM’s LC8c parallel twin engine, both for its own 800MT and 800NK models and on behalf of KTM itself, the 800MT-X is the first time we’ve seen what appears to be a KTM chassis as well as the engine. While we can only see a small section of the steel tube frame itself in the images, the visible part is all but identical to the same part of KTM’s 790 Adventure. The CFMoto also adopts the KTM-style side-mounted twin fuel tanks that have become a signature of the 790 and 890 Adventure models, although the tanks themselves are a slightly different shape. As on the KTM bikes, the advantage is that there’s less fuel tank ahead of the rider, allowing a longer, flatter seat, and the fuel’s weight is carried lower to make the bike feel lighter.

The CFMoto’s swingarm is different to the KTM design, and the suspension is likely to be from KYB – like the MT-X concept – rather than KTM’s favoured WP equipment.

Up front, the concept’s expensive Brembo brakes are swapped for more affordable J.Juan components – J.Juan is part of Brembo, though, so it’s a subtle change – assisted by Bosch 9.3 MP ABS. The type-approvals show that customers will be able to choose between a high-mounted, motocross-style front mudguard or a more road-oriented, low-mounted version. Either way, though, the bike has 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels wrapped in 90/90-21 and 150/70-18 rubber, indicating that it takes its off-road abilities seriously.

The approval documents also show two different screen heights that will be offered, each sitting ahead of a colour TFT screen that’s mounted in portrait orientation. At the back, the documents confirm that the 800MT-X will be offered with or without a full set of aluminium cases.

When it comes to performance, the engine is the original 799cc version of KTM’s LC8c parallel twin, manufactured in China by CFMoto and KTM’s joint venture, putting out 70kW. According to the approval documents, that gives the bike a top speed of 192km/h. Including fuel, the standard version of the bike weighs in at 214kg, while the luggage-equipped version comes in at 235kg, and the wheelbase of all versions is the same at 1530mm – a fraction longer than the KTM 790 Adventure, which has 1509mm between the axles.

It’s notable that, until now, CFMoto and KTM’s model ranges have avoided competing directly against one another, but the close relationship between the MT-X and the 790 Adventure means that once the CFMoto reaches dealers, buyers will be deciding between those two models. Since both emerge from the same factories in China, it’s unlikely to be a major concern for either company, but it’s a key shift in CFMoto’s increasingly credible position in the market.