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Australia’s first electric motorcycle | Local | News

A young Aussie inventor has unveiled what could become Australia’s first electric motorcycle. Dennis Savic, 26, told patrons at the Melbourne’s Moto Expo that his company, Savic Motorcycles, plans to have a range of motorcycles in production by 2020 and selling worldwide by 2022.

Savic launched the C-Series at the Moto Expo, with a complete prototype plus design drawings of other proposed models. Customers will be able to choose from several specifications of power and style. They include the C-FE (founder edition), Alpha (60kW, from $20,000), Delta (40kW, from $15,000) and the Omega (LAMS, 25kW, from $12,000). C-FE models are limited to 10 orders, planned to be be delivered in 2019, while the Alpha, Delta, and Omega orders will be delivered in 2020.

Each model comes with several battery pack options giving a range of from 50km to 200km. There will be customised options for brakes, suspension, wheels, tires and a choice of three colours – Spectre, Stealth, and Rustic.

“We want to offer our customers the most advanced technology in our products, because that is our point of differentiation,” Savic said. “We will be the first Australian motorcycle manufacturer to feature a metal 3D-printed component. In 2019, we will progress several research projects with various universities to further develop our technological advantage.”

The company has received seed capital and international technical support to design and develop its own liquid-cooled electric motor and energy storage system.