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Aprilia Reveal new RSV4 | News

Aprilia RSV4 evolves radically to continue being the best superbike ever. The result of an extraordinary and winning project, born out of Aprilia’s successful racing experience, it earns new Öhlins suspension systems, a new braking system and the new APRC electronic controls package that includes cornering ABS and the downshifter. The 201 HP Euro 4 engine combines with a seven-time world superbike champion chassis architecture.
The primary goal followed during development of the new Aprilia RSV4 (in both available versions, RR and RF) is, as always, only one: to be the fastest superbike in the segment. In order to achieve it, Aprilia drew from the best Aprilia Racing technology, refining the already exceptional RSV4 in many aspects, such as electronics, suspension and brakes. Thanks in part to the work done on the powerplant, now compliant with the Euro 4 regulation, without sacrificing anything in terms of power and range of use, the new RSV4 is a second faster than the previous version on average.
In addition to the fourth generation APRC system, RSV4 RR and RF come from the factory standard with advanced multimap Cornering ABS, developed in collaboration with Bosch to guarantee not only extreme safety on the road, but also the best possible performance at the circuit.
RSV4 is powered by the world’s first factory production high performance narrow V4 engine, the most revolutionary and powerful engine ever built by Aprilia. An engine that has been made unmistakeable because of the use of “total” electronics, because of its extremely compact size and light weight. The changes implemented in this evolution of the Italian V4 not only resulted in achieving the goals of Euro 4 approval, but also increasing overall reliability and performance, without sacrificing power and maximum torque (which remain respectively at 201 HP at 13,000 rpm and 115 Nm at 10,500 rpm), and not even that inimitable sound that has always been a true soundtrack of the Aprilia V4 engines.