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Yamaha’s Fun Bikes Range | Manufacture News | News

It’s that time of year again and Yamaha’s Fun Bike Range have cruised on in to make the holiday season a fun fuelled event. The real xmas miracle this year will be not stealing your presents from your kids!

When it comes to Fun Bikes, Yamaha is a leader. Built for natural progression, there really is a bike for any age and skill level. Yamaha Fun Bike Range kicks off with the nostalgic PeeWee50 (PW50) cruising through to mid-sized playbikes that rapidly grows confidence and enjoyment in any rider.

With PW50’s rider friendly design, it’s easy to see why this 50cc 2-stroke is a firm favourite with kids. Weighing in at a low 39kg, this lightweight and compact mini-bike is the ideal way for your child to have hours of fun this xmas all while developing their riding skills (and yours).

TT-R50E is undeniably the family favourite

in the Yamaha Fun Bike range, due to excess cuteness and similar friendly design of the much loved PW50. The rock-solid TT-R50E’s electric starting and sweet, useable four-stroke engine is what takes this bike to the next level and inspires confidence in kids and small novices.

There’s no tool quite like a TT-R125E for discovering the joy of the world outside your fence. With its sharp steering, comfort and great terrain holding, it’s an unsurpassed mid-sized playbike that is impossible to not steal from your kids for a quick spin around the backyard!

The brand new YFZ50 is the epitome of safe, adrenaline filled fun. Lightweight design and integrated parental controls means peace of mind for mum & dad, and smiles for days with the kids. Parents can feel confident with introducing their kids to ATV riding with Yamaha’s adjustable RPM and throttle limiters, as well as a tether switch capable of shutting off the engine from a pull-cord if required

With the fun factor off the scale with the Yamaha Fun Bike Range this xmas will be a winner for the whole family!

Yamaha Fun Bike


PW50 RRP $1,899

TT-R50E RRP $2,099

TT-R110E RRP $3,299

TT-R125E RRP $4,199

TT-R125LWE RRP $4,599

YFZ50 RRP $2,899

YFM90R RRP $3,399

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Fun Bike Range and to find the bike that would best suit, head to