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Sartso Kevlar Raw 46 Jeans | RIDING GEAR + EQUIPMENT

Does my bum look big in these?

Sartso Kevlar Raw 46 Jeans – When editor dobie asked if I wanted to get into his pants I was taken a little by surprise. That’s before he dangled a fresh new pair of Sartso Jeans in front of me and said that they wouldn’t fit him. I’m a 34 and my current pair of Kevlar-lined pants have seen a few kays and better days so cue the fist pump and “SCORE!”

However, I received them on the day of our LAMS adventure, and putting on a pair of Kevlar jeans only minutes before leaving for a three-day ride was not my idea of fun. Usually they take a little bit of running in because the stitching that holds the Kevlar in place usually rubs and itches you the wrong way for a while. It’s nice to give them a few wears and run them through the wash a couple of times. But not so with these – they were comfortable from the minute I put them on. I have pretty much worn them every day for the last couple of months, and they just keep getting comfier.

We liked

Straight away I liked these jeans because they have a zipper fly. I find the button-up flies a bit annoying especially when you are cold and wet with freezing fingers, and in a hurry. And in no way am I trying to brag but it is a fairly large fly too, which is handy when time is of the essence; it is nice to be able to get in and out with minimal fuss. I found the leg length to be spot on and they covered my boots without any force. I am maybe a smidge over my optimum midriff dimensions, and they sit up nicely without a belt and without being too tight.

We didn’t like

I really can’t think of anything that I don’t like about these jeans. They fit me in every way, they haven’t changed shape or shrunk in the wash. They are one of the comfiest pair of bike jeans I have worn.


So far these jeans have ticked all the boxes bar one – and that’s how they would hold up to skating down the road in the event of an off, which fortunately I haven’t had to test yet!

  • Zip Fly
  • Good length
  • Comfy
  •   A little pricey

RRP from $249

Ficeda Accessories

  (02) 9827 7561


RRP from $249.95

Ficeda Accessories

  (02) 9827 7561